Work Ethic

Work Ethic
October 14, 2009 Kim Goldman

What is work ethic?

Work ethic doesn’t just mean working hard, it is the character that you express in the work you do. It is the “quality” of your work.

Work ethic is also:

  • A belief in the moral benefit and importance of work and its inherent ability to strengthen character
  • The quality of one’s work performance reflects one’s personal character.

A good work ethic is expressed by:

  • Showing up to work on time
  • Giving advance notice of vacation time (at least two weeks or more if required by the company)
  • Respecting supervisors and other employees
  • Not asking, “What can the company do for me”, but asking “What can I do for the company.”
  • Not stealing from the company (This includes stealing time from your employer)
  • Leaving work at work and home at home
  • Being thankful for your job and realizing that you are fortunate to have it
  • Going the extra mile (doing more than you are asked to do).
  • Following the company policies
  • Speaking positively about and to your supervisor
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