What Counselors Are Saying about SCVYP

What Counselors Are Saying about SCVYP
October 14, 2010 jackiem

Each year, the SCV Youth Project impacts hundreds of teen lives, often translating into a more productive and positive environment for all students. How do we know? Take a look at what counselors from our local schools are saying…

“The Youth Project changes lives.  A listening ear, a reflective question, a support group or mentorship is a safe place to be. The effect of their services are deep, personal, and are far-reaching.  Only some day will we really truly know how many lives have been infinitely supported by their work.  A one life touches many, the extent of their efforts are vast.  I am so grateful to each staff member, past and present, for ALL they have done to support the youth and families of our community.” — Ina Trapini, Canyon High School

“I would like to thank you and your staff for the support you have provided our school this past two years.  The Golden Valley High School Family Center serves our student community by acting as an agent and building alliances with community leaders and organizations that can provide solutions and assistance.  We consider Santa Clarita Youth Project a valuable resource to our student community because your support empowers our students and their families.  We regard the Santa Clarita Valley Youth Project as a valuable resource for our students, parents and the whole Santa Clarita Valley community.”  — Golden Valley High School Family Center

“The Youth Project has also done a tremendous job of supplying classrooms with presentations on various topics that assist teachers in curriculum outside of their own.  Both of these programs, along with other great services, are essential to the success of our guidance department”. — Counselor, Valencia High School

“We appreciate you, your staff, your vision, and your work.  For six years, the Santa Clarita Valley Youth Project has assisted local teens and families with the support they need to face the challenges they meet everyday.  The organization’s aggressive outreach approach and campus and in house services provide youth and families with the tools they need to live successful and fulfilling lives. The SCV Youth Project creates long lasting, trust-based relationships while focusing on the prevention of high-risk behavior.”  — Counselor, Canyon High School

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