Martin Rodriguez, Immediate Past President

Martin Rodriguez, Immediate Past President

Martin Rodriguez works as a real estate finance consultant for Wintrust Mortgage and spends much of his time educating and advising real estate buyers and investors on their real estate transactions.  Martin hosts several seminars throughout the year and utilizes a team approach to create custom finance solutions for each of his clients.  His team consists of highly experienced CPA’s, Financial Planners, and Real Estate professionals that work together to provide clients with comprehensive plans for mortgage debt management, Real estate investments, and long term financial planning.

Martin is the Past President for the Youth Project and has been on the Board of Directors for 8 years.   He also serves as a Board member for the Single Mothers Outreach and the Southern CA Community Resource Corporation.

Martin is an accomplished Commercial Flight Instructor with over 3000 flight hours and enjoys a variety of sports and outdoor activities.

“When I was in High School I wished I had an organization like the Youth Project that I could lean on for support and guidance. As an adult I love being a part of the Youth Project because I’m able to work with a great team that provides the services I had once hoped for. The Youth Project gives today’s high school students a safe place to turn to when they need help and that’s something I am grateful for.”

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