Violence at School

Violence at School
September 23, 2010 Kim Goldman

Violence at school is a growing concern nationwide. Any and every school is susceptible to violence. The existence of violence in schools is a reflection of violence that occurs within the larger community and society in general.


  • Approximately 160,000 students miss class each school day because they fear physical harm.
  • Nearly one quarter of students in grades 3-12 are somewhat worried or very worried about being harmed while at school.
  • 20% of students in grades 3-12 feel that threats and the use of weapons are major problems in their schools.
  • 77% of teachers felt very safe in or around school, as opposed to only 50% of students.
  • It is estimated that between 100,000 and 135,000 guns are brought into schools on a daily basis nationwide.
  • 22% of boys and 4% of girls report that they have brought weapons to school at some time.
  • Nearly 3 million thefts and violent crimes occur on or near school campuses every year. This equates to almost 16,000 incidents per day or one every six seconds.
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