January 4, 2017 Kim Goldman


The Youth Project is in its 18th year of serving the Santa Clarita Valley; we are a small non-profit organization providing FREE mental health services including counseling, support groups, outreach/education and crisis intervention to thousands of teens in Santa Clarita Valley in the Hart School District.  On average, we provide more than 8,000 hours of service each year.

The Youth Project relies 100% on grants, special events, and the kindness of the community.  We have been fortunate to create relationships and partnerships that continue to validate what we do and we are so beyond grateful, but as requests for our mental health services increase so does the need for financial support.

In an effort to raise awareness and much-needed dollars, we are proud to share the Say YES to Youth Campaign. The Say YES to Youth campaign will have many facets with the primary focus being: engaging and connecting our neighborhoods, together providing a strong and healthy environment for our kids to grow up in.

Say YES to Youth invites you to support The Youth Project on a daily basis.  By investing your dollars, you are investing in the health and well-being of our youth.

For just $24.00/month, a Teenager in Need

  1. … will have the chance to anonymously share their feelings as often as they need
  2. … will feel part of a community, surrounded by others with similar experiences
  3. … will have a safe space to share their feelings and ask questions
  4. … will learn alternative ways to process anger, rather than self-destructive behaviors
  5. … will receive tools to help cope with the loss of a loved one
  6. … will stop cutting or harming themselves
  7. … will create a better body image
  8. … will choose life over suicide
  9. … will decide not to abuse drugs and alcohol
  10. … will make better choices
  11. … will become more empowered
  12. … will feel less depressed
  13. … will stay in school, even as a teenage parent
  14. … will improve their grades
  15. … will feel safe
  16. … will learn how to better understand their parents
  17. … will cope with their abuse or assault
  18. … will make a new friend
  19. … will wait a little longer to have sex for the first time
  20. … will be more confident and stand taller in a crowd
  21. … will not drive while impaired
  22. … will learn better communication
  23. … will feel less alone
  24. … will become a happy, confident, contributing member of the community

We’ve just given you 24 reasons to support the Santa Clarita Valley Youth Project, we could rattle off a thousand more.  Our kids are in need and we all can do something to make a difference.

By giving teens the tools they need to live healthy and successful lives, we are providing them with a strong foundation for coping as they navigate through these pivotal years in their young lives.

You can help us make a difference by donating as little as $24.00 a month so we can continue impacting the lives of more than 34,000 families.  In recognition of your contribution, The Youth Project will feature donors on our website, promote your name/business through various social media and local news outlets, mentioned in appropriate marketing materials and of course, you will become part of the Say YES to Youth Community.  We will make sure to let the world know, that YOU SAID YES TO YOUTH!


Say YES to Youth: Support Group for One Year, $2,880 (12 donations of $240/mo)


    Say YES to Youth: Individual Counseling for One Year, $288.00 (12 donations of $24/mo)


    Say YES to Youth: I would like to donate a different amount (one-time donation)


    Say YES to Youth: I would like to donate a different amount (per month donation)

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