Sample: Achievements

Sample: Achievements
October 13, 2009 Kim Goldman

In writing achievements try to think about money saved or made, time saved for the employer, and verbal or written comments that were made about your contribution by co-workers or management.


Examples of Common Achievements:

  • Successfully managed a diverse range of projects from conception through implementation.
  • Effectively prioritized and organized work loads in a constantly changing environment to meet daily and weekly schedules.
  • Commended by management on numerous occasions for the quality and consistency of my performance.
  • Created and presented an excellent image of the company and its services to customers, and coordinated and communicated well with clientele and management at all levels.
  • Commended by supervisor/management for the quality and consistency of my performance.
  • Made significant contributions to __________ in the production of ___________.
  • Was awarded Certificate of Excellence for my performance.
  • As an Apartment Manager: Established new inventory control, warehouse and order pulling systems. Also researched and found the most cost effective suppliers which resulted in a net savings of over 40% annually.
  • Reorganized department for more productive operation, including providing faster service with less returns.
  • If your work involved quotas and you surpassed your quotas, you could say something like: Was commended for exceeding the daily quota of # per day by #
  • Organized and implemented and efficient work flow system that resulted in significant cost savings.

Examples of Common Strengths:

  • Career reflecting hard work, attention to detail and the ability to meet exact specifications as well as cost, quality and time objectives.
  • Positive and enthusiastic, able to communicate effectively with management at all levels and direct workers in a manner insuring maximum efficiency.
  • High motivational level, excellence of leadership technique, and professional attention to detail supplemented by the ability to influence and stimulate others.
  • Ability to create and present an excellent image of the company and its service to customers, and to coordinate and communicate well with clientele and management at all levels.
  • Expert organizer and energetic, aggressive communicator with a proven ability to accomplish the most detailed, sensitive activity while remaining with the prescribed policy.
  • Creative and energetic, capable of sustained effort necessary to see a project through from conception to completion.
  • Hard working, capable of 100% effort reinforced with solid and successful experience in all-around maintenance and repair.
  • Career reflecting total involvement, high motivation, persuasive interaction and communication with people, eagerness to work, and proven leadership qualities.
  • Multiplicity of experience and skills including carpentry, wood work, metals, plumbing, mechanics, general maintenance and repair.
  • Disciplined and well organized in work habit, with ability to function smoothly in pressure situations.
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