September 15, 2010 Kim Goldman

How much do you know about sexually transmitted diseases?

Most of us don’t know as much as we should.  Some people assume that if they don’t physically see symptoms, an infection or disease is not present.  Perhaps you know a lot about STD’s but think that you have nothing to worry about.The truth is that everyone who is sexually active is at risk for contracting STD’s.

The facts show that one out of every five Americans carries a sexually transmitted disease.

For example, 4 million people are infected with chlamydia each year!

It is important to be informed. If you think that you have an STD, it is important to contact a medical professional immediately. If you need help finding a free or low-cost clinic, please call us and we will find the right resource to fit your needs.  If you choose not to call, check out the Hotlines section for a listing of services.

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