Parents: Are you too cool?

Parents: Are you too cool?
March 6, 2012 Kim Goldman


How many of us strive to be friends with our kids? Are you always trying to find the one place to bond with them, to earn their respect and trust?  How many times have we heard the phrase, “your kid needs a parent, not another friend”?  Probably more often than we want to admit.  In a recent article on Psych Central, David Sack, M.D. shares the pitfalls of being the “cool parent” and suggests it may be harming our teens and how it impacts drug and alcohol use.

Why Being the ‘Cool Parent’ Isn’t So Cool:
“There’s always that one parent that makes the rest of us look bad. You know, the one that buys all the cool tech gadgets, doesn’t believe in curfews, and gets friended by their kids (and their kids’ friends) on Facebook. Although we envy any parent that gets more than one-word answers out of their teenager, is being “cool” worth the cost? …”But if your teen starts experimenting with drugs or alcohol or taking risks that put them in danger, it’s time to take a hard look at what coolness has really gotten you.”

“If being your child’s friend isn’t the mark of success, what is? I admire parents who will do anything for their child, but not at the expense of what’s in the child’s best interest. Even if you have unknowingly contributed to the problem, there is still time to be part of the solution”

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