How Much Energy is Really in Energy Drinks?

How Much Energy is Really in Energy Drinks?
May 23, 2011 Kim Goldman

How much caffeine is in the energy drinks that adults and teens consume? The Journal of School Nursing is calling energy drink consumption by adolescents the new “health hazard”.   Caffeine drink levels can range anywhere between 50mg and 500mg or more per can, which is a lot higher than a can of soda.

Teens Health recommends teens limit caffeine to less than 100mg daily to avoid caffeine dependence, caffeine withdrawal and sensitivity.

Report from The Journal of School Nursing states:

A new hazard for adolescents is the negative health effects of energy drink consumption. Adolescents are consuming these types of drinks at an alarming amount and rate. Specific effects that have been reported by adolescents include jitteriness, nervousness, dizziness, the inability to focus, difficulty concentrating, gastrointestinal upset, and insomnia. Health care providers report that they have seen the following effects from the consumption of energy drinks: dehydration, accelerated heart rates, anxiety, seizures, acute mania, and strokes. This article is a comprehensive literature review on the health effects of energy drinks. Findings from this article indicate the need for educational intervention to inform adolescents of the consequences of consuming these popular drinks. School nurses are in a unique position to teach adolescents about the side effects and possible health issues that can occur when energy drinks are consumed.

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The chart below can be used to find popular substances that contain caffeine to compare and calculate how much caffeine you or your teens may be consuming:

Drink/Food/Supplement Amt. of Drink/Food Amt. of Caffeine
SoBe No Fear 8 ounces 83 mg
Monster energy drink 16 ounces 160 mg
Rockstar energy drink 8 ounces 80 mg
Red Bull energy drink 8.3 ounces 80 mg
Jolt cola 12 ounces 72 mg
Mountain Dew 12 ounces 55 mg
Coca-Cola 12 ounces 54 mg
Diet Coke 12 ounces 45 mg
Pepsi 12 ounces 38 mg
7-Up 12 ounces 0 mg
Brewed coffee (drip method) 5 ounces 115 mg*
Iced tea 12 ounces 70 mg*
Cocoa beverage 5 ounces 4 mg*
Chocolate milk beverage 8 ounces 5 mg*
Dark chocolate 1 ounce 20 mg*
Milk chocolate 1 ounce 6 mg*
Jolt gum 1 stick 33 mg
Cold relief medication 1 tablet 30 mg*
Vivarin 1 tablet 200 mg
Excedrin extra strength 2 tablets 130 mg
*denotes average amount of caffeine
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