Game of Life

Game of Life
February 25, 2011 Kim Goldman

“On Friday, February 11th, The Santa Clarita Youth Project took over Canyon High School’s Gym and brought with them a veritable cornucopia of city resources.  Each student that participated was assigned a mock scenario and had to navigate a labyrinth of choices before identifying the proper resource for their respective problems.” said, Canyon High’s Counseling Intern, Daniel Levitch.

The event included City of Santa Clarita, The Los Angeles County Sheriff Department, The SCV Pregnancy Center, The Boys & Girls Club, Department of Child and Family Services, Action, California Highway Patrol, and Child and Family Center.

Close to 400 students made their way through the “Game of Life”; a pilot program funded by a grant awarded to the Youth Project from the City of Santa Clarita.

Levitch said, “It’s absolutely critical that our students are aware of the resources they have at their disposal and events like this are a wonderful way of communicating that message.”

The goal of the program is to teach teenagers how to resolve issues on their own, and to identify the appropriate resources and agencies, should they find themselves in a crisis.


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