Free Webinar Slated to Help Parents Become More Drug Aware

Free Webinar Slated to Help Parents Become More Drug Aware
July 14, 2011 Kim Goldman

The Hart School District has scheduled an online free webinar for Thursday, July 14, 2011 from 6 – 7 pm, to educate parents and students about contemporary drugs that are being used by students in local neighborhoods.

The District’s drug awareness and education program, called CADRE (Comprehensive Alcohol and Drug Reduction and Education), in coordination with Medtox Laboratories have developed a program to help parents and students understand these issues, encourage prevention and provide support.


Many of the drugs used are 100% legal and are being sold in the Santa Clarita Valley. Through the use of social media, students are informed about what is out there almost as soon as it becomes available.


The webinar will discuss many aspects of these drugs and the serious health consequences for using and abusing them. If you are a parent and words like “Spice, K2, Salvia, Ivory Wave, Robo-Tripping,” don’t sound familiar, this Webinar is for you. These are all legal drugs available in local neighborhoods and parents and community members need to be as informed as possible to better protect their children.


“The District is committed to helping our community, parents and students to become drug free and drug aware,” Kathy Hunter, Coordinator of Student Services said. “We will have additional webinars this year and added information on the District’s website to better inform and educate parents.”


The CADRE program empowers students by giving them a reason to say NO to illegal drug and alcohol use and also provides parents with assurances that their sons or daughters are not using drugs or alcohol. CADRE offers voluntary random drug testing which gives students a reason to say NO to drug use, while promoting a safe and drug-free school environment and encouraging responsible decision making.


Additionally, CADRE offers seminars to educate students and parents about the types of drugs used and abused in the school community and how to detect signs of drug or alcohol use. CADRE also offers counseling support by an approved licensed drug counselor when drug use has been detected.


CADRE is a voluntary program of the Hart School District. More information is available on the District’s website:


The Hart School District works closely with the SCV Sheriff’s Department and the City of Santa Clarita in a pro-active approach to keep students safe and drug free, through education and school and citywide programs.

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