August 28, 2010 Kim Goldman
By now, you probably know all there is to know
about Tobacco. You know what it looks like, you know what it does to you, and you know the immediate effects and long-term effects.

But, maybe there are some things that you don’t know about Tobacco.
Cigarettes contain over 3,000 chemicals including:

  • Acetone (Nail Polish Remover)
  • Hydrogen cyanide (Rat Poison)
  • Nicotine (cockroach killer)
  • Hydrazine (rocket fuel)
  • Formaldehyde (embalming fluid)

What does all this mean?

It means that rockets are blasted, rats are killed, cockroaches meet their maker, nail polish is disintegrated, and corpses are preserved with the same chemicals contained in cigarettes.

Did you also know that…

  • Every 8 seconds someone dies from tobacco use.  That translates to approximately 5 million deaths annually.
  • Every day more that 3,000 teenagers become smokers. Of that number, 2,000 are young women.
  • Worldwide, one in five teens age 13 to 15 smoke cigarettes
  • Smoking causes more death every year than fires, auto crashes, AIDS, alcohol, cocaine, heroin, murders and suicides combined!
  • Second hand smoke kills some 50,000 Americans each year. That makes it the third leading cause of death.

There’s more…

Don’t think for a second that smoking cigars is any safer than smoking cigarettes.  Cigar smoking causes cancer of the throat, mouth and lungs.

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