July 2014 Newsletter

July 2014 Newsletter
October 24, 2014 Kim Goldman

Hello Supporters!

We hope you are enjoying a wonderful summer so far, and are making the most of the last few weeks before school starts!

For us, we have some exciting news to share:  We Moved!  The Youth Project has found a new home at The Signal corporate offices in the middle of town. With donated paint from Kathy and Jeff Watterson, and the painting talent of a few of our board members (Danica Lynch, Lexie Feehan, Lydia Kravitz, and Renee’ Kaehny) and honorary board member, my 10 year old son, Sam, we have a beautiful new space! Thank you Russ Briley (Signal Publisher) for helping us secure this amazing space.

In the midst of moving, we recruited seven new staff members, 1st and 2nd year Masters Level Social Work interns from CSUN and we begin training in just a few weeks.  We are working on a few new outreach opportunities and creating curriculum for a couple of newly requested groups. We are so excited to get back on campus, and meet our students and get to work!

We will be collaborating with school site staff, to continue meeting the needs of their students.  To this end, we have been asked to offer Motivation/Study Skills group, for teens struggling with grades, studying, motivation, etc., Girls Issues, Males Issues, Family Issues, Conflict Resolution, Teenage Grief, and many others.  In addition, we will be adding a support group to focus on the LGBTQ population at a number of our campuses.  Starting in September, we will be facilitating roughly 20 support groups all across the Santa Clarita Valley.  Not to mention continuing to provide individual counseling – all at no cost to the teen or their family.

As always, education and outreach is a big part of what we do.  We have a calendar full of Teen 411, Classroom Presentations and Lunchtime Madness; our students will be educated on healthy relationships, communication, coping, goals/motivation, social skills, discussions around drug/alcohol abuse, cutting, and Internet safety.  We will be adding more campuses to the very popular Game of Life event to include Canyon, Hart, Golden Valley, West Ranch and Saugus.  This collaborative event, combines numerous youth focused organizations, to help teach kids how to help themselves in times of crisis.

Most of you know, for 14 years the Youth Project has been providing FREE counseling, outreach/education, crisis intervention and support groups to the teens and their families of the Santa Clarita valley.  We have been honored to work with so many people in need of support. Thank You for being part of the adventure for our team!

The Board of Directors and staff are constantly looking for ways to broaden our reach; if you have an idea, a business, a specialty…let us know!  We are always willing to discuss NEW concepts, and nothing is off limits.  Our goal is to provide families with information that will help bridge the communication gap with their teenagers and to educate ourselves on issues that our youth are facing daily.


Get involved, be empowered, make a difference!


All Best,
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Kim Goldman, Executive Director

SCV Youth Project’s mission is to provide a safe, nurturing environment where teens and families are strengthened, empowered and equipped with the tools they need to live successful and fulfilling lives.

We change lives of youth, parents, and families. We are easily accessible to all through:
– Crisis Intervention              – Peer Mentoring
– Parent Support                   – Group Counseling

Back To School Tips

By now, we assume you have heard about the SCV Purge controversy that affected so many of our teens, recently.

The Youth Project was quickly notified to a quick moving, incredibly traumatic and illegal “purge event” on Twitter, where an anonymous account holder allegedly was requesting, receiving and posting nude images of his/her peers, along with their identity.   More than 20 or so images were disseminated via the social media ap, and numerous teens were negatively impacted.

If you or someone you know was a victim of this event or anything similar, please know the Youth Project staff is available for counseling, to help you cope and heal.

As a reminder, parents should educate themselves on social media aps and internet safety; have the conversation with your technology savvy teens, about the dangers and risks involved with oversharing online.

For more information on the story and the legal ramifications, please check out our article: Warning to Parents and Teens

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